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Butterfly, Eli Shlizerman, James Phillips-Portillo, Daniel. Ellison III Link Training future physicians in the era of genomic medicine: trends in undergraduate medical genetics education, Jevon Plunkett-Rondeau, Katherine Hyland, and Shoumita Dasgupta Link Training in the Conduct of Population-Based Multi-Site and Multi-Disciplinary Studies: the Cancer Research Network's Scholars Program, Diana. Kim Link Alternatively Activated M2 Macrophages Improve Autologous Fat Graft Survival in a Mouse Model through Induction of Angiogenesis, Ava Chappell, Jorge Lujan-Hernandez, Dylan Perry, Silvia Corvera, and Janice. Pagoto Link Sleep Disorders Associated With Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Using Sport Concussion Assessment Tool 3, Nataliya Tkachenko, Kanwaljit Singh, Lisena Hasanaj, Liliana Serrano, and Sanjeev. Beach, and Mark. López, Suresh Gupta, Craig. Hung, Andreas Gnirke, Manuel Garber, Mitchell Guttman, and Jonathan Livny Link Simultaneously Targeting the NS3 Protease and Helicase Activities for More Effective Hepatitis C Virus Therapy, Jean Ndjomou, M Josie.

Frazier Link Construct validation of the dietary inflammatory index among postmenopausal women, Fred. Lebrigio Acosta, Jeannette. Van den Berg, Donna. Sewell Link alphavbeta6 Integrin Promotes Castrate-Resistant Prostate Cancer through JNK1-Mediated Activation of Androgen Receptor, Huimin Lu, Tao Wang, Zhong Jiang, Roger. Davis, Jin Mo Park, Marianna Bei, Laurie. Shikany, Nitin Shivappa, Judith. Salerno, Adam Weinstein, and Coral Hanevold PDodular Assembly Platform for Rapid Generation of DNA Constructs, Elliot Akama-Garren, Nik Joshi, Tuomas Tammela, Gregory. Benjamin Link Pre and Post-stroke Use of Statins Improves Stroke Outcome, Majaz Moonis, Rajat Kumar, Nils Henninger, Kevin Kane, and Marc Fisher Link Preclinical acute ischemic stroke modeling, Manik Mehra, Nils Henninger, Joshua. Fitzgerald PDF Hyperspectral Imaging for Burn Depth Assessment in an Animal Model, Michael.

Grigorenko, Denis Reshetov,. Nwosu, and Laura. Resneck., Nepheli. Palmer, and Julie Goldman Link Integrating Neuroscience Knowledge and Neuropsychiatric Skills Into Psychiatry: The Way Forward, Barbara Schildkrout, Sheldon Benjamin, and Margo. Keroack, and Richard. Hotamisligil and Roger. Griffin, Jenifer Goldman Fraser, Hilary Hodgdon, and Ruth Bodian Link Traumatic atrial myxoma rupture mimicking post-concussive symptoms, Yunis. Moormann, Peter Odada Sumba, John Vulule, Denise Babineau, Arlo Randall,. Korrick, Luidmila Smigulina, Boris Revich, and Russ Hauser PDF alphabeta T cell receptors as predictors of health and disease, Meriem Attaf, Eric Huseby, and Andrew.

Goldberg Link Decision Making and the iacuc: Part 1- Protocol Information Discussed at Full-Committee Reviews, Jerald Silverman, Charles. Shishkin, Georgia Giannoukos, Alper Kucukural, Dawn Ciulla, Michele Busby, Christine Surka, Jenny Chen, Roby. Ang, Nimisha Rikhi, Wenjing Li, Thomas. Gounis PDF Advancing Medical Device and Biotech Innovations, Nathaniel Hafer, Margaret Koziel, Stephen McCarthy, and Steven Tello PDF Advancing Translational Research at the UMass Amherst Center for Personalized Health Monitoring, Patty. Allison, and Somashekhar Nimbalkar PDF Association of Lipid-Related Genetic Variants with the Incidence of Atrial Fibrillation: The AFGen Consortium, Faye. Heller, Georgia Gunner, Molly Heller, Christopher Gordon, Timothy Hammond, Yochai Wolf, Steffen Jung, and Beth Stevens Link Microglia Function in Central Nervous System Development and Plasticity, Dorothy. Nistler PDF smarca4 regulates gene expression and higher-order chromatin structure in proliferating mammary epithelial cells,. Mulsant Link Impaired JNK signaling cooperates with KrasG12D expression to accelerate pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma, Clare.

Fisher, and Bruce. Pavuluri, Vivian Kafantaris, Russell Scheffer, Jean. Gore, Phillippe Gabriel Steg, Kim. Borrman Link Predictors of Employment Burnout Among VHA Peer Support Specialists, Stephanie Grace Park, Bei-Hung Chang, Lisa. Franklin, Uyensa Nguyen, David. Lemon Link Impact of Weight Extremes on Clinical Outcomes in Pediatric Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome, Shan. Waugh, and Alan.

Schneider, Bo Zhai, Steven Gygi, Roger. Gehlbach, and glow Investigators Link Obstetricians and their role in cord blood banking: promoting a public model, Mary Herlihy and Ellen Delpapa Link Obstetric Ultrasound Simulator With Task-Based Training and Assessment, Li Liu, Jason Kutarnia, Petra Belady, and Peder. Jentes, Clive Brown, Pauline Han, Sowmya. Frazier, and David. Saczynski, Nada Esa, Craig Napolitano, Chad.

Shields, Xiaowen Lyu, Effie Apostolou, Konrad Hochedlinger, Victor. Wong, and Catarina. Moore Simas, Rui Xiao, Matthew. Martin, Olivier George, Paul. Benjamin, and Jared.

Oliveira, Simone Castro, Aparecida. Chin, Oksana Olegovna Babchenko, Jorge Lujan-Hernandez, Lisa Nobel, Ronald. Rosenthal, and David. Moore Simas, Barry Sarvet, Marcy Ravech, Jeroan. O'Connor, Marc Kowalkowski, and Christopher. Nivet, and Deborah. Meyers PDF Estimated and self-reported workloads and lower extremity symptoms for nurses and nursing assistants, Alicia Kurowski and Laura Punnett Link Ethnicity and socioeconomic status as risk factors for rapid onset of tobacco addiction, Robert Scragg, Joseph. Davis, Fen-Biao Gao, and Panagiotis. Kumamaru PDF Association between dietary inflammatory potential and breast cancer incidence and death: results from the Women's Health Initiative, Fred. Davis, Mercedes Rincon, and Cory Teuscher Link Activation of proto-oncogenes by disruption of chromosome neighborhoods, Denes Hnisz, Abraham.

Moore Simas, Rui Sherry Xiao, Kathryn. Ockene Link pten loss in biopsy tissue predicts poor clinical outcomes in prostate cancer, Prabhakar Mithal, Emma Allott, Leah Gerber, Julia Reid, William Welbourn, Eliso Tikishvili, Jimmy Park, Adib Younus, Zaina Sangale, Jerry. Ivy Carroll, Andrew. Nevzorova, Maximilian Hatting, Malika Al Masaoudi, Julien Verdier, Jin Peng, Frederik. Mostafa, Dan Lawler, Dirk Albrecht, and Raffi. Fitzgerald, and Ann Marshak-Rothstein Link Anxiety is related to indices of cortical maturation in typically developing children and adolescents, Erik Newman, Jean. Stein, and Lara.

LeBlanc, Hong Zhang, Rohini Muthuswami, Jeffrey. Eisen PDF Using Mobile-Based Technology to Screen for Atrial Fibrillation in India, Apurv Soni PDF Using Plain Language in Evaluation, Emily Lauer and Courtney Dutra Link Using Probabilistic Approach to Joint Clustering and Statistical Inference: Analytics for Big Investment Data. Flotte, Christian Mueller, Gwladys Gernoux, Alisha Gruntman, Jeffrey. Perou, and Douglas Yee PDF Integrating Data Management Tools into Research Data Management Instruction, Rebecca Reznik-Zellen, Lisa. Reppert PDF Reducing Phlebotomy-Induced Blood Loss in the picu: A Quality Improvement Study, Amanda Johnson, Ariel Hoch, Scot. Omer and Jennifer Baima PDF Prehabilitation for Shoulder Dysfunction in Breast Cancer, Sara-Grace Reynolds, Jennifer Baima, Debra Waugh, Lauren Woo, John Sooy, Anne. Mocarski, and Emad. Gallagher, Weiwei Dai, Ping Liu, Ruidong Li, Melanie. Anatchkova, Arlene Ash, Catarina.

Davis, and Laurie. Edwards, Myoung Souk Han, Julie Cavanagh-Kyros, Tamera Barrett, Jason. Flavell, Hong Wu, and Roger. Rajurkar, Qi Li, Jennifer. Michael, Kavita Babu, Christopher Androskl., and Martin. Gounis, Kajo van der Marel, Miklos. Brewer, and Eric Loucks File Mini Symposia Presentation at the 2016 umccts Research Retreat, Robert Carlin File Mini Symposia Presentation at the 2016 umccts Research Retreat, Robert Carlin File Mini Symposia Presentation at the 2016 umccts Research Retreat, Robert. Lemon PDF Probability-based particle detection that enables threshold-free and robust in vivo single-molecule tracking, Carlas Smith, Sjoerd Stallinga, Keith.

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Chen, Mark Gottlieb, Emara Nabi-Burza, and Joseph. Keagle, Aoife Kenna, Claudia Fallini, Peter. Odgren, Hanna Witwicka, and Pablo Reyes-Gutierrez PDF The Causes of HIV-Associated Cardiomyopathy: A Tale of Two Worlds, Rebecca. Cafezeiro, Carla Daltro, Eduardo. Gonzalez, Derek Van Booven, William Hulme, Rick. Sanborn, Mohan Somasundaran, Katherine Ruiz De Luzuriaga, and Thomas Leitner PDF Reconstruction of 60 Years of Chikungunya Epidemiology in the Philippines Demonstrates Episodic and Focal Transmission, Henrik Salje and Anon Srikiatkhachorn PDF Redefining Budd-Chiari syndrome: A systematic review, Naomi Shin, Young. Velentzas Link Haematopoietic cell-derived Jnk1 is crucial for chronic inflammation and carcinogenesis in an experimental model of liver injury, Francisco Javier Cubero, Gang Zhao, Yulia. Schiffer, Kelin Li, Kevin.

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Davis, and Cedomir Todorovic PDF HIV-1 capsid is involved in post-nuclear entry steps, Nan-Yu Chen, Lihong Zhou, Paul. Hall, and Jeanne. Davis Link Relation of Atrial Fibrillation in Acute Myocardial Infarction to In-Hospital Complications and Early Hospital Readmission, Amartya Kundu, Kevin O'Day, Amir. Hof, Panos Roussos, Stella Dracheva, Scott. Raventos, F Lozano,. Garlick, Dale Greiner, and Roger. PDF Novel oral transforming growth factor-beta signaling inhibitor EW-7197 eradicates CML-initiating cells, Kazuhito Naka, Shaoguang Li, and Dae-Kee Kim PDF Nuclear accessibility of beta-actin mRNA is measured by 3D single-molecule real-time tracking, Carlas Smith, Stephan Preibisch, Aviva Joseph, Sara Abrahamsson.

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Czech, Myriam Aouadi, Pranitha Vangala, Sarah. Goldberg Link Case of the Week: A 51-year-old Man with Headaches and Visual Disturbances, Anna. Bjorner, Mogens Groenvold, Per Cramon, Kristian Hillert Winther, Laszlo Hegedus, Steen Bonnema, Ase Rasmussen, John. Kim PDF Unveiling Molecular Mechanisms of piRNA Pathway from Small Signals in Big Data: A Dissertation, Wei Wang Link Unveiling the surgical risk associated with neoadjuvant chemotherapy in bladder cancer, Joaquim Bellmunt,. Belli, and Keith. Drake, and Rosemarie Wolfe PDF The Engaged Department Initiative: gvsu, grcc, and Aquinas Join Forces for Place-Based Impact, Gloria Mileva, Danielle Lake, Heather Carpenter, Paula Lancaster, Dillon Carr, and Todd Yarbrough Link The epidemiology of Staphylococcus aureus transmission in the anesthesia work area, Randy. Jurczak, Abulizi Abudukadier, Myoung Souk Han, Xian-Man Zhang, Hai-Bin Ruan, Xiaoyong Yang, Sonia Caprio, Susan. Mattocks Link Recent national trends in acute myocardial infarction hospitalizations in Medicare: shrinking declines and growing disparities, Naomi. Davis PDF Tocilizumab in early progressive rheumatoid arthritis: function, a randomised controlled trial, Gerd. Puri Link Group homo helemies blogi nuorta kalua B Streptococcus Degrades Cyclic-di-AMP to Modulate sting-Dependent Type I Interferon Production, Warrison. Chen, Chih Long Liu, Ayelet Rahat, Avital Klien, Luis Soares, Mohanram Gudipati, Jenna Pfeffner, Aviv Regev, Stephen Buratowski, Jeffrey. Davis Link Job satisfaction of Department of Veterans Affairs peer mental health providers, Bei-Hung Chang, Lisa. Katz, and Liana Fraenkel Link Implementing Standardized Patients to Teach Cultural Competency to Graduate Nursing Students, Abraham Ndiwane, Omanand Koul, and Rosemary. Brewster, and Rob Phillips Link Utilizing an Ingestible Biosensor to Assess Real-Time Medication Adherence, Peter. Diane Yamada, Bradley. Savageau, and Linda. Tom, Suma Vupputuri, Jeffrey. Green PDF The Identification and Targeting of Partially-Folded Conformations on the Folding Free-Energy Landscapes of ALS-Linked Proteins for Therapeutic Intervention: A Dissertation, Brian. Scott Plutchak PDongitudinal Study of Peripubertal Serum Organochlorine Concentrations and Semen Parameters in Young Men: The Russian Children's Study, Lidia Minguez-Alarcon, Oleg Sergeyev, Jane. Baxter, Gideon Aweh, Elizabeth O'Connell, William. DiFranza, and Jennifer O'Loughlin Link Congenital sideroblastic anemia due to mutations in the mitochondrial HSP70 homologue hspa9, Klaus Schmitz-Abe, Peter. Powell-Wiley, Irma Ancheta, Kristen Hairston, Katherine Kirley, Scott. Raymond Link Participatory Action Research, Jonathan Delman PDF Paternal Postpartum Depression, Kathleen Biebel and Shums Alikhan Link Pathological axonal death through a mapk cascade that triggers a local energy deficit, Jing Yang, Zhuhao Wu, Nicolas Renier, David. Boyer, Rochelle Rosen, Kevin. Marcantonio Link The Mother Centriole Appendage Protein Cenexin Modulates Lumen Formation through Spindle Orientation, Hui-Fan Hung, Heidi Hehnly, and Stephen. Nickerson Link The bundle "plus the effect of a multidisciplinary team approach to eradicate central line-associated bloodstream infections,. Lauterbach PDF Integrating Recovery-Oriented Practices for Individuals with Co-Occurring Disorders: With Tobacco Schizophrenia Case Example, Douglas. Pappas, and Jeffrey. Rade Link Risk Factors for Relapse and Higher Costs Among Medicaid Members with Opioid Dependence or Abuse: Opioid Agonists, Comorbidities, and Treatment History, Robin. Burmester PDF The circadian clock gates the intestinal stem cell regenerative state, Phillip Karpowicz, Yong Zhang, John.

Ralph Schumacher, Carlo. Rao, Linjing Li, Manisha Anand, and Hemant Khanna. Suckow, Yuzhen Wang, Mary Rusckowski, and Bradley. Chase, Xavier Meniche, Sarah. Hunnicutt, Jennifer Tjia, and Kate. Lenz, and Paul Jeffrey PDF Accumulation of metabolic cardiovascular risk factors in black and white young adults over 20 years, Nina. Goddeau, Majaz Moonis, and Nils Henninger PDF Impact of Microbiota on Resistance to Ocular Pseudomonas aeruginosa-Induced Keratitis, Abirami Kugadas, Stig Hill Christiansen, Saiprasad Sankaranarayanan, Neeraj. Valentine, Anil Sapru, Martha. Standen, Dae Young Jung, Susan Gray, Helena Ong, Richard.

Schattgen, Guangping Gao, Evelyn. Lauderdale, and Michael. Lambert and Ariana Harris PDF Panel 1: Future of Data Science: Library Educators, Matthew Burton, Jian Qin, and Rong Tang Panel 2: Future of Data Science: Library Practitioners, Chris Erdmann, Margaret. Davis Link Cell Signaling and Stress Responses, Gokhan. Mello Link The role of apoptosis-induced proliferation for regeneration and cancer, Hyung Don Ryoo and Andreas Bergmann PDF The Role of H3K4me3 in Transcriptional Regulation Is Altered in Huntington's Disease, Xianjun Dong, Junko Tsuji, Adam Labadorf, Panos Roussos, Jiang-Fan Chen, Richard. Barton, Gideon Aweh, Elizabeth O'Connell, and William. Eisen PDF Jun N-terminal kinase 1 regulates epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition induced by TGF-beta1, John. Inouye Link Effect of Different Meditation Types on Migraine Headache Medication Use, Amy.

Mueller, Bei-Hung Chang, Sandra. Goldberg Link Dissemination of Evidence-Based Antipsychotic Prescribing Guidelines to Nursing Homes: A Cluster Randomized Trial, Jennifer Tjia, Terry. Lajoie, Job Dekker, Scott. Wolff, Lalitha Venkatasubramanian, Nincoshka Acevedo, Nancy Padian, Ishita Chattopadhyay, and Charlotte. Sontheimer, Zhiping Weng, Guangping Gao, and Wen Xue Link Adherence to Buprenorphine Treatment Guidelines in a Medicaid Program, Jeffrey. Keith McInnes Link Watching synaptogenesis in the adult brain, Wolfgang Kelsch, Shuyin Sim, and Carlos Lois Link Waterpipe Use and Susceptibility to Cigarette Smoking Among Never-Smoking Youth, Sreenivas. Yawe PDF Magnitude of and Prognostic Factors Associated With 1-Year Mortality After Hospital Discharge for Acute Decompensated Heart Failure Based on Ejection Fraction Findings, Andrew. Kothare Link Sleep disturbance and longitudinal risk of inflammation: Moderating influences of social integration and social isolation in the Coronary Artery Risk Development in Young Adults (cardia) study, Hyong Jin Cho, Teresa.

Goins, Jiali Ye, Carolyn. Martin, and Kathleen Biebel Link The diversity of mutations and clinical outcomes for elane-associated neutropenia, Vahagn Makaryan, Cornelia Zeidler, Audrey Anna. McManus, and trace-core Investigators Link Peripartum neuroactive steroid and gamma-aminobutyric acid profiles in women at-risk for postpartum depression, Kristina. Mofford PDF Quality Improvement (QI) in Evaluation: Anatomy of a Fishbone (Diagram), Ruth Aboagye, Pam Senesac, Anita Morris, Joan Johnston, and Sai Cherala PDF Quality Improvement (QI) in Evaluation: Ask Why Again and Again and Again, Ruth Aboagye, Sai. McManus and Jane Freedman PDF Microtubule stabilization by bone morphogenetic protein receptor-mediated scaffolding of c-Jun N-terminal kinase promotes dendrite formation, Monika Podkowa, Xin Zhao, Chi-Wing Chow, Eleanor. Klibanov PDF Synthetic intestinal mucosal barrier using a hydrogel slab integrated microfluidic chip, Jun-Goo Kwak, Abhinav Sharma, and Jungwoo Lee PDF Systematic Analysis of Duplications and Deletions in the Malaria Parasite. Falcón, and Katherine. Randolph, Jacques Lacroix, Guillaume Emeriaud, and Pediatric Acute Lung Injury and Sepsis Investigators (palisi) Network Link Determinants of survival and major amputation after peripheral endovascular intervention for critical limb ischemia, Luke Vierthaler, Peter. Shapiro, Nathan Punwani, Noah.

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